Women for Tax Justice is a movement to link the two most pressing issues of our time: economic injustice and gender inequality. (For some background on why we think tax justice is a feminist issue, please see our first blog post.) We are currently a small, loose group of individuals from the feminist, tax justice, tax practitioner, academic and human rights communities.

We seek to establish a large network of academics, journalists, activists, NGOs and tax professionals to forge links between the gender justice, tax justice, and economic justice movements: raising awareness within the women’s movement of the importance of tax in the fight against gender inequality, and highlighting the gendered nature of tax impacts to those involved in making and critiquing fiscal policy.

We want to see tax featuring high on the agendas of feminist and women’s rights organisations, and we want to see gender impacts foregrounded in tax justice work. We want to see more research and data on the impact of tax on women, and more research into the shape and structure of “inequality chains” in the global production network. We want to see tax policy-makers and tax professionals challenge the liberal assumptions of formal equality that underlie their work and seek substantive equality for women in its impacts.

Please contact womenfortaxjustice [at] gmail.com if you would like to be involved, or contribute to the blog. Currently, the blog editor is Kate Donald, a human rights advocate based at the Center for Economic and Social Rights, who previously worked on a UN Special Rapporteur’s report on tax policy, poverty and human rights. May Hen, graduate student at Simon Fraser University and Visiting Researcher at the University College of the Cayman Islands, is our partnerships and development adviser. Both May and Kate were involved in founding WFTJ.

You can follow us on Twitter at @womentaxjustice.


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  1. We’d like to invite someone(s) as lead contributors to Occupy London’s New Putney Debates session on Tax Justice Sat 1st Nov. Can’t see how else to contact but my last 2 efforts to use the reply box haven’t registered. Would appreciate talking about possibilities. Dave 0773 99 73653


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