This page is a continual work in progress. If you have a suggestion for something to include, please tweet @womentaxjustice or write to us at womenfortaxjustice [at]

First we list some specific work on the gendered impacts of tax (in reverse chronological order), and then below more general tax justice resources.

Gender and tax

UN Women, The Progress of the World’s Women 2015-6: Transforming Economies, Realizing Rights, chapter 4 on macroeconomic policy and gender equality (2015)

Tax Justice Focus, The Gender Edition (2015) – see also the gender page on the TJN website

Kate Donald, Women’s Rights and Revenues: Why we can’t achieve gender equality without fiscal justice, Center for Economic & Social Rights blog (2015)

Kathleen Lahey, Income splitting won’t help parents who really need a tax break, The Globe and Mail (2014)

Christian Aid, Taxing men and women: why gender is crucial for a fair tax system (July 2014)

Neha Hui, Gender Implications of Tax Policies (focus on India), CBGA (2013)

Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID), Fiscal Policy, Women’s Rights and Gender Equality (2013)

UN Development Programme, Gender Equality and Taxation (2010)

Caren Grown and Imraan Valodia, Taxation and Gender Equity (2010)

Diane Elson, Budgeting for Women’s Rights: Monitoring Government Budgets for Compliance with CEDAW (2006) – see section 6

Evelyne Huber, Gendered Implications of Tax Reform in Latin America: Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica and Jamaica, UNRISD (2005)

There is also some very interesting academic work on this issue, for example from Kathleen Lahey, Ann Mumford, Imraan Valodia, Caren Grown, Debbie Budlender.

General tax justice resources

Tax Justice Network

ActionAid, Accounting for Poverty: How international tax rules keep people poor (2009)

Tax Justice Network Africa and Christian Aid, Africa rising? Inequalities and the essential role of fair taxation (2014)

International Bar Association Human Rights Institute, Tax Abuses, Poverty and Human Rights (2013)

UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, Report to the Human Rights Council on tax policy (2014)

Center for Economic and Social Rights and Christian Aid, A Post-2015 Fiscal Revolution: Human Rights Policy Brief (2014)

The Righting Finance Initiative

Africa Progress Panel, Africa Progress Report 2013: Equity in Extractives (2013)


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